Apr 132014
Goals to Reality: Beyond SMART

I know you want to realize your goals, but sometimes it just seems impossible to stick to plan.  You get side-tracked, you procrastinate, you get sick or tired, or maybe you get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Once you get off track, it can be hard to regain momentum. I have been [...]

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Apr 042014
See the Change to Be the Change

Unless you see it, you cannot become it.  I hope you enjoy this wonderful article by Dr. Margaret Paul.   It will help you employ the power of visualization to become the person you most want to be.  She raises some powerful questions, and if you ask them of yourself and picture yourself becoming the [...]

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Jul 072013
Starting over:  a roadmap

First off, a big thank you to Janet Louise Stephenson, the butterfly maiden,for her great suggestion! She thought it would be helpful to look at recovering from financial set backs, even starting over from scratch. Great idea! All of us experience set backs from time to time, and some of us will have to start [...]

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Jul 072013
Personal Finance Book Review:  Save over $100 on a resource that will save you money!

Personal Finance by Gorman & Forgue is a great resource for financial planning and I will use the same structure used in the book in future blog posts.   That means starting from the basics and working our way up to a financially successful life. $13.84 for a used previous edition or $190.49 for a new latest edition text. What’s the difference? Here’s the [...]

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Jul 012013
Financial Success can be yours

Do you ever feel like the gal in this picture-pulling your hair out trying to get your finances in order?   I’ve taught personal finance for years and am a certified life coach.  More importantly, I have built financial security starting with a part-time job, three small children and a $200 savings account.  If I can do it, [...]

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