Jun 252015
Almost to the end

Woo-hoo!  I am almost to the end of this particular journey and I am so relieved! What I have done:  Radiation with chemotherapy, loop ileostomy surgery, port placement surgery, chemotherapy, chemotherapy “infusion” under my skin (yikes) when a needle worked loose, loop ileostomy reversal.  Gosh, I have been wondering where my energy went, but when […]

Jun 082015
Lady in Waiting

I am waiting.   I am not good at waiting.  I know that patience is a virtue, but it probably isn’t one of mine.  I used to pray for patience a lot, but I found out that it comes wrapped in packages that I am not too fond of!  God would send me trials to develop […]

Apr 272015
A strange trip to gratitude

“Sometimes the light’s all shinin’ on me, Other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it’s been.” The Grateful Dead   It’s been a long, strange trip indeed, but I’ve arrived at a position of gratitude, at least for the time being. I was feeling VERY sorry […]

Apr 222015
Light at the end of the tunnel

There truly is a light at the end of the tunnel.  One more chemo treatment to go!  My penultimate treatment started Monday and will end tomorrow!  Yay!  Then I have will have 7 days of shots and one more treatment.   I’ve been putting off writing this because it does not really seem like the end […]

Mar 122015
Joy is coming back

Here it comes….wait for it…JOY!   As my most recent chemo treatment recedes into distant memory, it becomes easier and easier to feel that peace and joy within.   My friends and family help, my dogs help, my faith helps.  I like to take time each day to give thanks.  Now, on my grouchy days that time goes pretty […]

Mar 092015
Cancer is tough

I try to stay current with my updates, honest and positive.  Most of the time that is not too hard, especially with the support of friends and family.  But the last four weeks have been just plain nasty and I have been waiting to be in a more positive mood before posting.   I am grateful […]

Jan 302015
Back to Work and Loving It

Ahhh, it is good to be back to work.  I am not able to maintain my regular schedule yet, but just to go to work, accomplish something, see my coworkers, and, last but not least, earn my paycheck, feels really good.   Of course, by this summer I may have a desk like the gal on […]

Jan 202015
Back to Work and Chemotherapy Round 2

Work.  Yup, I go back to work tomorrow.  I am very excited to see my coworkers again!  I work with a great bunch of people and I miss them.  I imagine they are looking forward to seeing me come back too so I can work my desk   I am feeling a little bit nervous.   […]

Jan 142015
Ostomy oopses:  For ostomates only.

Ostomy oopses-yuk!  Why for ostomates only?  If you don’t need this information, you may want to skip over this blog because it is on the TMI side and a bit gross.  When a ostomy has an oops, it isn’t pretty!  I wasn’t sure about posting it, but a quick Google search showed I am not […]