Dec 102016
Saving Social Security? Johnson Proposal

  Will Johnson’s Proposal save Social Security? Honorable Sam Johnson proposes to “permanently fix” Social Security primarily by reducing benefits and cost of living adjustments.  I like a few things about the proposal.  First, it links benefits for spouses and children to the average wage instead of the actual wage of the worker.  This seems […]

Jan 042016
Bernie Sanders:  Feelin' the Bern

I enjoyed listening to Bernie Sanders in Mount Vernon; he has a vision and the passion to go with it. I enjoy people that show passion.  What’s Bernie’s passion?  Picture the United States of America with an educated work force that is free of college debt,  and a living wage for all full-time workers. It sounds […]

Dec 132015
Boots on the Ground

Boots on the ground-I hate this phrase.  Unless, of course, you mean you literally want to put empty boots on the ground in a war zone.  Rain boots, fashion boots, work boots, even combat boots.  That’s fine.  I don’t care.  Air lift all the boots you want anywhere in the world you want and drop […]

Dec 132015
Between the Doctor and the Donald

I had the privilege of sharing my day with Dr. Carson and Donald Trump (sequentially) yesterday.  There was such a marked difference in the way that I was treated by the two campaigns that I felt it was appropriate to do a compare and contrast post.  A bit of a spoiler, Donald Trump came out […]

Dec 082015
Rick Santorum-a Consistent Candidate

What brought Rick Santorum, former US Senator from Pennsylvania, up to the top of my list of people I must blog about was this remark: “The political side of Islam is not protected under the Constitution. The political side of Islam, where women are not treated equally … that’s not protected under the United States […]

Dec 062015
Carly Fiorina

When I set myself the goal of photographing every viable presidential candidate, I was anxious to learn more about Carly Fiorina.  I liked the success story she often tells of starting out as a secretary and rising to become CEO of Hewitt Packard.  I soon found out that she has appeared on more than one “worst […]

Dec 052015
Did Rand Paul replace his stylist?

OK, I really planned to stay away from gossip column type snark in this blog, but this shirt makes it hard…can you say prison orange jumpsuit?  I’m just not sure what Rand Paul was thinking going out on the campaign trail like this in April… By the time the Halloween Growth and Opportunity Party (haha) in Des Moines […]

Nov 182015

Bobby Jindal Ladies and Gentlemen, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal has left the building, saying “this is not my time.”  Considering that he was polling at less than 1% in recent polls, I think he is probably right.  Will it ever be his time?  It’s hard to tell. My impressions of Bobby Jindal were somewhat neutral.   […]

Nov 182015
Presidential Politics

I recently found myself completely out of things to say about cancer (finally!) and didn’t know where to go next with this blog.   Meanwhile, my camera and I have taken up stalking presidential candidates to build my portfolio at Dreamstime, so I thought a little political commentary on this season of presidential politics might be […]

Oct 072015
The strongest blessing?

Blessings-life is full of them.  In fact, it a blessing just to be alive. As some of you know, it was a rough year for me from July 2014 to July 2015.   I am grateful to be feeling so much better and determined to gain my health back.  I can remember shortly after I was […]