Bobby Jindal is out

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Nov 182015

Bobby Jindal

Ladies and Gentlemen, Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal has left the building, saying “this is not my time.”  Considering that he was polling at less than 1% in recent polls, I think he is probably right.  Will it ever be his time?  It’s hard to tell.

My impressions of Bobby Jindal were somewhat neutral.   He seems to be able to connect with an audience, but anybody campaigning at this level should certainly have that ability.  However, Jindal’s low and dropping approval ratings in his home state have made easy pickings for other candidates in this crowded field and his campaign seems to have been struggling since the beginning.  He has worked hard to build a following here in Iowa.  It seems like he is here almost every week.  But it just isn’t translating to the kind of support he needs to do well in the caucus.

I had planned to give a quick run down on each candidate’s position on the hot button issues, but it a moot point in this case since Bobby has dropped out.  Who’s next to step away from the hot oven?  Will we see Bobby again in 4 years, or are his future presidential prospects as dead as Elvis?  What do you think?

Presidential Politics

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Nov 182015
#DemDebate sign

#DemDebate sign

I recently found myself completely out of things to say about cancer (finally!) and didn’t know where to go next with this blog.   Meanwhile, my camera and I have taken up stalking presidential candidates to build my portfolio at Dreamstime, so I thought a little political commentary on this season of presidential politics might be in order, at least until a more intriguing topic comes along.  I’ll be sharing my impressions of the candidates and the process leading up to the caucus in Iowa and perhaps beyond.

I have seen and photographed most of the active presidential candidates.  I’m calling out John Kasich and George Pataki.  Gentlemen, they say ya gotta be in it to win it.  Come visit central Iowa sometime when a working stiff can get out and hear what you have to say.   You are missing the opportunity to have your picture taken by a future photography legend, and if you don’t come to Iowa more, you are not likely to be riding the winning train out of Iowa.

This obsession with the presidential campaign has been a learning experience for me.   I am a better photographer.  I know how to get a press pass.  Heck, I even learned a little about politics 🙂