Jan 302015
Young women at work overwhelmed

Young woman at work

Ahhh, it is good to be back to work.  I am not able to maintain my regular schedule yet, but just to go to work, accomplish something, see my coworkers, and, last but not least, earn my paycheck, feels really good.   Of course, by this summer I may have a desk like the gal on the left, but right now it is looking good.  A great chance to develop some new habits that will help me stay on top of things at work.Work this Wednesday-Friday has been in the emergency facility in Newton for my co-workers and I.   We have been treated pretty well with blue jean days, snacks, cold drinks on tap and a pizza lunch yesterday.  Today some of us will be going to a local restaurant for lunch.   Does this sound like hard work yet 🙂

I go back for chemo number 3 on Monday and I am hoping that it doesn’t drag down my ability to work too much.  It really feels good to be back on the job.

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  1. Great news! I am so thankful that you have come so far!

    Take care.

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