Jan 062015
Tired woman drinking coffee

Chemotherapy makes me tired!

Chemotherapy round 1 is now complete-only 7  more to go!  I am so lucky, I think the most common treatment for people with this condition is 12 rounds.   I am hoping to miss the worst of the side effects given since they are cumulative and I have fewer rounds scheduled.

My chemotherapy takes place locally in the Grinnell Regional Medical Center.  I have been working with Alisha.  She is a blessing-very nice with a soothing personality, professional, organized, and unruffled no matter how busy she gets.

My chemotherapy sessions will be two weeks apart and I will finish in April.  I go in in the morning for labs, visit with my doctor and then return to the Chemotherapy Suite.  It is a really pleasant place.   There are cubbies for your outdoor items, reading material, and reclining heated chairs (ah!)  I have pre-meds to help with the nausea that can be a side-effect of chemotherapy, then the chemotherapy drugs.  After those drugs are infused, I get a “push” of another drug and I am sent home with a pump to infuse that last drug into my system for 46 hours.   It takes about 3 hours on Monday and I go back on Wednesday to have the pump removed.

That’s how it goes in theory, anyway.   The pump did not work so well this week.  My port (what’s that?) is deeper than most, possibly due to inflammation at the site.  The needle worked loose and they will need to order longer needles to effectively utilize my port.

Yesterday I was pretty tired from the chemo.  I am feeling a bit better today, but still not at 100%.  I hate to wish my life away, but I am really looking forward to finishing the chemotherapy treatments.

  8 Responses to “Chemotherapy Round 1”

  1. Cynthia, you are awesome! You have such a great attitude.
    I hope that your treatments go well. Thank you so much for sharing your story.

    • Thank you for your kind comments and your well wishes. I try to stay positive, but it doesn’t always work. For some reason, sharing on this blog seems to help.

  2. What an incredible story you have to share. It sounds cathartic to be able to share publicly your experience going through chemo. Wishing you warm thoughts that you’ll get through the next rounds and maintain your positive outlook!

  3. I am so glad you can at least see the end (and count the days) from here. I’m glad you find the blog helpful, because it’s a good way to keep all of us who love you posted.

    Have a good evening!

  4. Hang in there. I was so glad to have caught my breast cancer early enough to avoid chemo and radiation. Surgery was bad enough, but I know it was the “easier” out.

    • Cancer is just tough all the way around and I am sure the surgery was difficult, but I am happy you were able to avoid the chemo and radiation.

  5. Wow! Congrats on getting through this round. You can do it! I understand what you mean, you just want to get past this, but don’t want to lose any of the days in the meantime. Positive thoughts to you and your health. Best of luck!

    • Thank you! You understand exactly where you are coming from! Am I wishing my life away by longing for the time when healing is complete? It’s hard sometimes to leave in the moment, but I try.

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