Mar 122015

Meditation, peace, joy

Here it comes….wait for it…JOY!   As my most recent chemo treatment recedes into distant memory, it becomes easier and easier to feel that peace and joy within.   My friends and family help, my dogs help, my faith helps.  I like to take time each day to give thanks.  Now, on my grouchy days that time goes pretty fast!   But as things get better, I realize that I really do have a lot to be grateful for, and the more I meditate on the things that are good about my life, the easier it is to let that little seed of joy take root and grow inside my heart.The weather the last few days has been a big help.  I wish I had the energy for long walks outside, horseback riding, and other outdoor activities.  But, for now, a picnic with my daughter, granddaughter, and two puppies feels pretty good.  I love the gentle breeze, the sun on my face, and the songs of the birds announcing that Spring is coming.Spring is, of course, the season of new life.  As that season approaches along with the final stages of my treatment plan, I look forward to the renewal of my spirit and the joy of life to come.  I wish you a Spring, and a life, full of peace and joy.

Claiming this promise for myself:

Therefore my heart is glad and my glory [my inner self] rejoices; my body too shall rest and confidently dwell in safety. Psalm 16:9

More about joy:

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