Jan 062015
Chemotherapy Round 1

Chemotherapy round 1 is now complete-only 7  more to go!  I am so lucky, I think the most common treatment for people with this condition is 12 rounds.   I am hoping to miss the worst of the side effects given since they are cumulative and I have fewer rounds scheduled. My chemotherapy takes place […]

Jan 052015
Being thankful - 5 things I am grateful for

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15 ESV Sure, it has been a struggle dealing with cancer, but there is still much in my life that is good. I promised myself when this journey started that I would […]

Jan 022015
Sometimes Courage Whispers

Sometimes courage comes in small packages, more of a whisper than a roar.  It can be the simple things, facing another day of radiation, getting out of bed to get the exercise you need to recover from an operation, continuing with chemo treatments in spite of the side effects, that take the most courage.   I’ve […]

Dec 262014
Halfway Point-Rectal Cancer treatment

I am about halfway through treatment for rectal cancer.  I went in today to have an IV port inserted to help with chemotherapy injections.  If you’d like to know more about how these ports work, there is a nice blog, written by a cancer patient, here.   The insertion was painless  and only took a couple […]

Dec 202014
Medical provider and patient communication

First off, let me thank all the medical care providers helping me beat cancer!   My treatment plan is about 1/2-way done and at every step I am getting the best results possible.   I’m giving a shout out to GOD and the power of PRAYER, too.   Thank you to all the friends, family, church […]

Nov 032014
Cancer hear me roar!  Cancer takes a knock down blow.

Cancer “I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar!  (Katy Perry) And cancer did hear me roar!   When I checked in with my surgeon, I found out that the chemo-radiation treatments reduced my tumor to invisibility!  I was pretty excited!   Although they can’t see the tumor, they still have to remove that area so […]

Sep 262014
Last week treatment was tough

Treatment was tough, but at least it was the last week of combined chemotherapy and radiation treatment.  I had so much I wanted to blog about-but I was just too run down to get to it.  Between chemotherapy fog and radiation fatigue, I ran out of antidepressants for a few days, creating a perfect storm […]

Jul 222014
Three great things cancer has done for me

It would be easy to complain about having cancer right after I fought through depression. But helpful? Probably not. I don’t want to get back down in the depths of depression, so I am focusing as much as possible on the positive things, like the three things listed below. If you are facing a fight […]

Cancer comes with some blessings

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Jul 162014
Cancer comes with some blessings

Cancer comes with some blessings! I go through my second colonoscopy in 8 days.   It goes better than the first, they are able to see more of the colon.  I find out the cancer has not gotten into my bladder or other nearby organs-more good news.  The doc removes a polyp.  There are two […]