Mar 242015

Thrive at the Seashore

Thrive, isn’t that we all want to do? I am more than a survivor-I am a thriver.   I found this website and it looks like a great resource: Love that title!  They also publish a free quarterly magazine that you can receive via snail mail or email by signing up on their website.  Check it out!  They have inspiration and information in generous servings.  I am still checking all the section of the website, looking for helpful hints.  I have a feeling it will take a while to absorb everything.  By the way, that is not an affiliate link.  I am very impressed and I have signed up for a quarterly ezine.  Please pass it on to anyone who may find it helpful.So, yes, I am writing this at work, but I am working.  I am trying to call up a letter on Word and it is taking forever.  We are having some computer issues here this morning.  I hope soon the blasted servers will start to survive and thrive.  I want to get stuff done!To the left is a picture of the seashore.  I’ve included this because it reminds me that I always feel better when I get out in nature and take the tiem to appreciate the beauty of the world we live in.   It’s a great way to get away from the problems that nag at me at home, ditch the to do list and meditate on the joy of life.  It helps me thrive!So, you can get the good advice on the thrive website :-). Or you can take a look a my less wise actions.  Here is what I’ve tried to deal with the discomfort that sometimes keeps me up at night:  It wasn’t exactly a thrive solution, but it helped.


1)Mix 2-200 mg ibuprofen with

2 coconut rum and whatevers/if mixed strong you only need one.  Obviously not recommended if you have issues with alcohol abuse.

warm bath

hot packs

1 over the counter sleeping aid.   Check to make sure that it is one that can be mixed with alcohol.

2)  Get uncomfortable about using alcohol to sleep evernight.   Consult doctor for help.

This is not a medical recommendation.  It’s more like the last act of a patient who has been up every 1/2 hour all night long for a couple weeks.  If you need help sleeping due to cancer pain/discomfort, please see your doctor! That’s what I did yesterday and from last night on I am ditching the alcohol and taking Ambien.  It is working well for me.  Certain sources have also advised that marijuana oil from Colorado also works well.  I would stay away from illegal solutions if you can, but sometimes when you are rolling on the floor in pain, and your doctor has to see you before he can write a script for your pain killer, and he is 60 miles away and doesn’t know when he can fit you in. . . well, make the best decision you can.   I found out that our local pain specialist can follow me for my cancer pain.  Yes, it’s one more doctor, but it is something I am considering if things get bad again.

Keep fighting, surviving and thriving!

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  1. Hang in there! Glad you finally found a combination that works. I occasionally take ibuprofen myself for muscle aches, and to help sleep. I’ve used as much as 800mg for bad toothache, etc. and it usually works for me. But too much of that it is not good either–can cause stomach ulcers, etc. I don’t know how expensive Ambien is, but you might want to find out if there’s a generic version of it that might work–could save you some bucks…

  2. You are about halfway done with your treatments now, right? Email me if you don’t want to post it publicly, thanks.

  3. Just about 1/2 way, yup.

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